About Me

I’m a forty-something mother and doctor. I’m married and live outside Philadelphia. I’m Jewish and a liberal Democrat. I’m a book lover and frequent library patron. There are lots of other words I could use to describe myself but if you’re looking for a hint of what you might see in these pages, this short list probably informs the majority of what I write. But if none of these words describe you dear Reader, don’t turn away just yet.

I will freely admit that I am terribly judgmental in my head, but as I get older, I have mellowed in how secure I feel about my initial assessments. Part of it might be parenting, which has a way of showing you just how little you really know. Part of it is practicing medicine for fifteen plus years, which certainly illuminates the endless variations of human behavior. While I remain unshaken in my political beliefs, I will at least listen to those on the opposite side of what feels like a widening gulf if they can speak respectfully and intelligently. My knee-jerk reaction to insulate myself in a world full of people like me (philosophically speaking) has slowed over the past decade.

All of this is just my way of saying that I may not be your cup of tea, er, coffee. But consider giving me a chance. Read a couple posts, feel free to comment if so inclined. Among many other things, this world could use more sharing of different perspectives, so here I (humbly) offer up mine.